To install RISE in development mode, see the Developer Documentation.

You essentially have 2 options:

1 - Using conda

conda install -c conda-forge rise


Previously, we provided packages in the damianavila82 channel, going forward please use the conda-forge channel because newest versions will not be published in the damianavila82 channel anymore.

If you are a Julia user, you can also install it from the Julia REPL with

using Conda

2 - Using pip

pip install RISE


Before RISE 5.4.2, it was necessary to perform one more step to install the JS and CSS in the proper places with

jupyter-nbextension install rise --py --sys-prefix

This is not needed anymore because those resources are installed automatically by the when you pip install the package.

Disable and Removal

You can disable RISE with:

jupyter-nbextension disable rise --py --sys-prefix

If you want to remove it from your environment:

jupyter-nbextension uninstall rise --py --sys-prefix

Alternatively, you can also remove it with conda (if you already installed it using conda) with:

conda remove rise