Instructions and notes for preparing and publishing a release.

NOTE as part of release 5.7 or RISE, the sources repo layout has changed and the code for the classic notebook extension has moved under the classic subdir; at this point the jlab area is not ready for shipping, and so these instructions are only about the classic extension.

Pre-Release check

Step 0. Clean your local repo copy at your top level (ROOT) directory:

git clean -fdx

Step 1. Check for updated version numbers in


Step 2. Build rise-reveal (new step in release 5.7)

cd $ROOT/rise-reveal
npm install
npm run build

Step 3. Build the JS and CSS:

cd $ROOT/classic
npm install
npm run build


Step 4. Tag the repo with:

git tag -a release_tag -m "Release msg"
git push origin release_tag

Step 5. Build sdist and wheels packages:

cd $ROOT/classic
python sdist
python bdist_wheel

Step 6. Upload sdist and wheels to PyPI:

cd $ROOT/classic
twine upload dist/*

NOTE when checking the RISE packaging, it can come in handy to publish onto so as to not pollute the official index; for that purpose do

# to publish on
twine upload --repository-url dist/*
# to install from that location
pip install --index --upgrade --pre rise

Step 7. Push changes to conda-forge:

NOTE this is performed automatically by some conda-forge bot around one hour after we release on PyPI; but in case you need detailed information about the manual process, please see below

The conda recipe to build the RISE package is maintained in a separate github repo at

  • First read this section:
  • You need to update the version number here:
  • You need to update the sha number here:
  • (Optional) You need to update any dependencies if you have new ones or remove old ones.
  • (Optional) You may want to update the recipe, for instance, eventually, we will get rid of the post-link steps (see,
  • (Optional) You may need to rerender the feedstock, eventually.

Open a PR with those changes and when the PR is merged, several CI runs will be triggered and the packages will be generated and uploaded to